The Only Doggy Mouthwash Dogs Need

The Only Doggy Mouthwash Dogs Need

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The best Doggy mouthwash that freshens breath, reduces tartar and reduces plague. 

Does your pup sometimes do something so cute it takes your breath away?

Does the thought ever cross your mind that you’d secretly like to take your dog’s breath away too?

Ignoring the teeth and gums is a prescription for a noxious mouth, but we’ve uncomplicated the remedy with our Doggy Mouthwash.

Not only does our mouthwash help clean teeth and gums, but what truly makes our Doggy Mouthwash different is this: it’s naturally derived using Mother Nature’s natural plaque & tartar fighters, so you can feel safe knowing you’re intelligently putting your money where your pup’s mouth is.

Cleaner. Safer. Smarter...And best of all: Minty Fresh! That’s what makes us better. 

Made in United States