31 Days of Prayer for My Children

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One of the greatest gifts a parent or guardian can give their child(ren) is the gift of prayer. This booklet is designed so that you can return to it over and over again as you lift up your child(ren) year after year. Whether your children are infants, toddlers, teenagers or adults, this booklet will help you spend focused time in prayer each day as you pray for their salvation, friends, future or current spouses, wisdom, health, and faithfulness, to name a few. 31 Days of Prayer for My Children will: * Focus on thirty-one different attributes, qualities, or character traits taken from the Bible to pray over your children. * Provide one or two Scripture passages to help focus your own heart as you pray * Guide you through age appropriate prayer prompts for your child(ren) This booklet is for the new parent/guardian to the empty nest parent/guardian and everyone in between.