-Superior Top Coat Matte

-Superior Top Coat Matte

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Plaster Paint Company's Superior Top Coat is simply SUPERIOR.

With the help of our chemists, we designed the hardest, toughest, most durable water-based topcoat. Use our Superior Top Coat in either gloss or matte finish, to complete all of your projects. Made for ease of use on wood, countertops, ceramic tile, metal, laminate, or glass.

  • Prevents bleed-through

  • Non-yellowing

  • Water-based

  • UV protectant

  • Fully cured in 7 days

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

  • Use with Plaster Paint Restore Synthetic Series brush or Cling ON! brushes

  • Allow to dry and harden for at least 4-6 hours before recoating. 

When helping our customers with furniture and wood projects, one of the most common questions is "why is my light paint turning pink or spotty?!"

It is possible to STOP the bleed &/or leeching!

Over dark, old wood, such as mahogany, you will need to follow these steps for bleeding or leeching through your LIGHT color Plaster Paint.

To prevent bleed-through/color leaching:

  1. Thoroughly clean the project

  2. Let dry completely.

  3. Use Superior Top Coat to seal the entire piece. Pay close attention to all detailed areas. It is important to get a solid coat over the entire piece.

  4. Dry times vary due to weather and humidity.

  5. Once dry, your project is ready to paint using the Original Plaster Paint product line.